Join Editorial Board

Reviewers play an essential role in the peer review process. The peer review process is important as it guarantees high quality of manuscripts published. Whether a submitted manuscript is suitable for publication mostly depends on evaluation of reviewers. Therefore, we sincerely welcome academics and researchers to join our Editorial Board.

What reviewers do?

  • Reviewers evaluate articles submitted to a journal, based on the requirements of that journal.
  • They provide feedback on the articles, suggest potential improvements and make a recommendation to the editors in their decisions to accept, reject or request changes to the article.
  • Reviewers should alert the editors of any issues relating to author misconduct, such as plagiarism.

Why reviewers review?

There are great benefits to become a reviewer. You can:

  • Increase your exposure to key advancement in the field.
  • Consolidate your expertise in the field.
  • Develop critical thinking skills essential to research.
  • Advance in your career –Bolstering of resumes for promotion and/or tenure
  • This is a voluntary job. While we do not offer salaries to volunteers, your name will be listed in the printed journal and on the journal’s webpage.

Eligibility and requirements for a peer reviewer:

  • Doctoral degree or above
  • Be fluent in academic and professional English
  • Strong interest and expertise in scholarly journals
  • Efficiency and Accuracy

How to Apply:

  • Please complete the application form. Download HERE

Send the application form to the journal’s e-mail address (Click HERE to choose a journal).